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CF Moto's ATVs and SSVs are equipped with innovative technologies for a pleasant and safe driving experience. The models offer advanced suspensions, high-performance braking systems, and traction control systems for better grip on all types of terrains.

CF Moto also offers tuning reprogramming options to enhance the performance of its vehicles.

These upgrades can be performed by authorized CF Moto dealers or specialized Poivre Noir Performance workshops to benefit from a more comprehensive and high-performance adjustment.


CF-Moto ATVs can be unlocked, upgraded to stage 1, or converted to e85.

Autonomous electronic locking and unlocking on all 2024 models.
Real-time evolving unlocking for the latest manufacturer software version.
No modification to the manufacturer's software version.


This stage is entirely carried out through artificial intelligence, benefiting from Poivre Noir's experience since its inception.
All models up to 2024
Engine torque available as early as possible.
We take great care in smoothing out curve tables, making the engine behavior smooth and linear.
An immediate feeling of security, allowing you to focus solely on the road.

A "SPICED" is:

Unique sound thanks to the high precision of our settings, the engine runs perfectly smoothly.

Since 2017, Poivre Noir SA has been the first European company specialized in American engine optimization to independently market their expertise in engine tuning to the dealerships of a manufacturer.

Results guaranteed.
We have modified tens of thousands of parameters to achieve the Poivre Noir Performances Stage 1 that suits you.
We have optimized your engine with great care and perfect mechanical compatibility.
We assure you a safe ride, allowing you to focus solely on the road.

A "spiced-up" Quad/SSV is responsive with a deeper sound even with original exhausts.

Much more enjoyment at low speeds; the engine runs smoothly without hesitation or brutality. Its revs are linear.
A more than perfect driving experience.

Wonderful torque and power when needed, tailored to each chassis; you can ride sportily without even realizing it.

For duo rides, the passenger will enjoy improved comfort on the road.

Drivers who wish to increase torque and power for their Quad/SSV can choose an open-type KN filter with extreme airflow to appreciate the intake sound and its filtration quality to maximize air intake to the engine.

We refuse to improve ATVs/SSVs that have engine tuning that does not comply with the manufacturer's safety instructions; most of the time, these settings result from the installation of freely downloaded automation units, causing the safety tables to become misaligned, rendering them inactive.
Engines that have undergone this type of tuning have experienced premature wear.

Nobody can speak of a "spiced-up" vehicle if they haven't tried it ;)

A dynamometer measures power at the "wheel" (whp) using a force sensor on a roller.
Once the test is complete, the operator puts the gearbox in neutral, and the dynamometer measures the speed at which the wheel and roller slow down to determine "engine" power (hp).

In a "perfect and frictionless" world, the wheel, once launched, would not change speed, and "wheel power" would be equal to "engine power."

However, the gears of the vehicle, the tire, the chain or the belt, as well as the moving parts of the dynamometer, generate friction, causing the wheel to inexorably slow down over the course of the measurement, which is referred to as transmission loss.

On a vehicle, transmission loss is generally between 10% and 15%, meaning that 100 hp at the wheel translates to between 110 and 115 hp at the engine. Manufacturer-advertised powers are always given "at the engine" and not at the wheel because during development, engine power is measured on a specific engine dynamometer without a gearbox or transmission.

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