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Family Architectural triangulation plus engine engineering, inventing the 1st network of engine tuning specialists in Europe for Harley-Davidson and Indian motorcycles while guaranteeing the same quality of service.

Officially since 2010, our work on complex motors in the field of mechanical auto sports and  professionals and our  meticulous optimization method, adding fineness and sharpness to the original mapping made us become the leader in  our field of activity, thanks to the recognition of our bikers.

Since 2017, the motorcycles tuned by Poivre Noir Performances have been called “peppered bikes”.

We are most grateful to the great PNP biker community, thanks to them we were able to maintain  the perfection of the stage 1 for American motorcycles without the use of a motorcycle engine test bench.

In 2020, Poivre Noir Performances reinforces it’s presence  in the Bikers community with the takeover of the magazine “Legend Motorbike”.

The engine optimization issued through our technical consulting service allows bikers to benefit from safe driving combining responsiveness, pleasure and performance.

Poivre Noir Performances owes its success thanks to you and to the thousands of peppered machines which travel the roads ridden by their biker, the smile in the wind.


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February 27, 2020
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May 02, 2019
Innovation is in perpetual motion. Thus new challenges are offered each year to engine calibration engineers to be the first to make it functional. 
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