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* We keep the ECU tables and the motorcycle manufacturer’s typology in the optimization algorithm of ECU’s values without modifying the safety.


* The quality of our ECU settings and of our PNP adjustments for a Stage 1 do not require a benchmark test to be run.


* Performance Stages 2_3_4 must be set up base on real experience down the road or benchmarked by the PNP dealer. All settings will be updated according to the information that will be transmitted to us using specific measurement tools essential to perform the optimization work we have to do.


* Choose for the right engine equilibrium which looks like you, choose for a camshaft with best torque specs if you like to ride around 2500 Rpm, or for a camshaft with best Horse Power specs if you want to push the limits of the breakaway point.


* Stages 2, 3 and 4 are not suitable for everyone. Indeed, a high-powered engine that turns to the square of its volume, leads to a driving behavior based on the speed values. This means that for a motorcycle use in town or for a mountain use, we highly recommend the Stages 1 and 2.


* The EVOe85 stage is a double performance stage 1 and is as efficient as a performance stage 2 but with a smoother behavior, a lot of torque enhancement and improving the fuel economy with fuel-saving.


* Approved variable exhausts systems have not been studied to be associated and sold with Stages 2_3_4. Restrictions of hot exhaust air volumes from engine extraction will also not deliver the expected full Horse Power.


* We only deliver successful adjustments. If our partner is not able to send us the LOGs to check the complete engine’s behavior related to all installed performance parts, then it is necessary to redirect you to a solution with a control box allowing you to have an average setting. When the behavior of an engine changes due to the camshaft for example, the horsepower is delivered by two factors. Engine Parts and ECU engine adjustment.


* Our current production capacity is the level of 10,000 Motorcycles/year and we are currently working on large scale resolutions.

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