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* On the 1200cc cylinder engine or smaller, it is recommended to put an air filter type Stage 1  with the longest possible exhaust pipes, to benefit of the best efficiency.


* Choose quality mufflers with quality exhaust pipes so you don’t have a motorbike that is less efficient than the original.

* The iridium spark plugs sold by the manufacturer will allow you to have an excellent spark at ignition and a lifespan 2 times longer then with standard spark plugs.


* Give privilege to high quality air filters like K&N or equivalent.

* SP98 gasoline fuel is recommended for its high-octane rating to prevent knocking and to avoid a rattling or a pinging sound, SP95 fuel may be used occasionally.


* When cold, it is recommended to let your engine warm up before passing the 3500 RPM zone.


* Only turn off the engine after having taken off your helmet and gloves to let some time for the coolant oil to circulate before the engine shutdown.

* The best oil for your motorcycle engine is a 100% synthetic oil like the 10w60. The one that is closest and easy to find is the 20w60 oil.


* There are more than 200 types of engine mappings for about fifteen different engines, so it is important to take into account all the manufacturer’s subtleties and recommendations by making a customized ECU mapping not only for your configuration but also in order to comply with the manufacturer’s instructions.


* Prefer OEM parts recommended by your specialist instead of buying parts over the internet, which might give you unexpected negative results

* A performance stage 1 from PNP with your own customized setting is in general more effective than a performance stage 2 with a ready-made setting.


* Independent motorcycle tuners can certainly adjust an engine perfectly but they do not have the vocation to work in an international network and they do not have the human capacity to produce thousands of motorcycle performance optimizations per year.


* Two identical motorcycles from A to Z with exactly the same equipment, manufactured the same week at the factory, could have different road performance. The software located in the engine’s ECU, the assembly of the mechanical parts and the final engine break-in give the reason.


°RPM: Revolutions Per Minute

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