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* All PNP dealers can share or reset the setting of your motorcycle free of charge if necessary, during your trip or in case of a move. We store your original ECU mapping data for future use. All motorcycles manufacturers can erase your PNP settings.


* A peppered engine has an exceptional driving pleasure and is significantly better then to those that run after the highest horse power because an engine first at all must be reliable with a maximum of torque.


*PNP brings more torque, reveals the original horse power, and brings extra engine efficiency that allows you to benefit from a more responsive engine than with the basic settings from the manufacturer.


* 100% Compatible with new and used motorcycles.


* All power is delivered with an extreme flow filter for Harley Davidson’s M8 engines and with Harley-Davidson’s CVO air filter for motorcycles manufactured prior to 2017.


* We optimize the settings according to the destination country, for example Corsica or Algeria have a setting adapted to the fuel available at the pump.


* The approved variable valve exhaust systems are fully compatible with our performance stage 1 settings.


* We prefer to update the manufacturers’ ECU mapping rather than to use a third party’s ECU mapping, to keep the security compliance's in full.


* It will be much easier to drive at a low RPM with a light machine load and to accelerate strongly again without the need to downshift.

* When choosing approved parts such as an exhaust, keep your original air filter and opt for a replacement filter like K&N or equivalent. Our Legal Performance stage is precisely designed not to increase the power of your motorcycle, so that it will be compliant with the registered engine power of your registration card.


* Engine idle is normally set to normal at 944 revolutions per minute. If the manufacturer’s standard setting is lower, we will not change it.


* Our engine settings give a very linear behavior ideal for a grand touring cruiser, a unique solution on the market.


* After adjusting the engine with Poivre Noir Performance settings, your motorbike retains all the manufacturer settings so that they can continue to maintain your motorcycle as it was originally.


* The maximum speed clamp is removed on the concerned models.


* The PNP motor setting is stable and registered in the ECU, it does not change over time.

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