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We assess the actual state of your engine management and improve the performance values while maintaining 100% of the engine safety.

A complete look at the information available on the manufacturer’s ECU of your engine allows us to ensure a particularly careful and precise work.

We detect the slightest anomaly and any mismatch of the factory values up to the checksum.

Our experience allows us to automatically detect motorcycles that are already modified by a third party.

Our installers send us the information about your motorcycle via an internet secured server and we provide them with the new ECU version optimized by our qualified engineers using the same server.

Once the Poivre Noir Performance  optimization is installed on your bike, you are free to change or add various accessories such as an approved muffler or a racing one, or even to put back your original manufacturer’s muffler. Our tailored mapping will be able to adapt in most cases to any of these changes, given the fact that the ECU optimization we have made has added an intelligence of the settings which will allow an automated adaptation.

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